Look Forward

I like to look forward. 

I look forward to the day when the Eastern sky splits wide open and the Savior Jesus Christ is there to take us home to heaven with Him.  I look forward to reigning with Him in the Millennial Kingdom.  I look forward to a new heaven and a new earth, one where there will no longer be tears, nor sorrow or heartache.

I like to look forward.

I look forward to things here on earth as well.  I look forward to my children’s birthdays.  I can celebrate them getting another year older, and they can laugh and play with their friends.  I look forward to seeing their faces when they open their presents, or when they blow out their candles.

I look forward to my anniversary, because it is a reminder that I have spent another year with the love of my life.  We can celebrate the bonds that hold us together, and the fact that without her, I would be pretty pitiful.

I look forward to church events.  I looked forward to the revival we recently had, and I look forward to the singing that we will have soon.  I look forward to church every Sunday, actually, and Bible study on Wednesday nights.

Why do we look forward to things?  Someone once said that wanting a thing is infinitely better than having that thing.  Basically, the anticipation is better than the acquisition.  Why?  Because in that limited view, it is thought that the expectation far outstrips the reality of having or of experiencing it.

While that may be true of physical objects, such as toys and parties while we are young, and bigger toys and events once we get older, I don’t think that it’s always the case.  In fact, I am rarely disappointed when I leave church.  Sure, it may not go as I had planned all the time, but a bad day around God’s people is better than a good day without them.  A bad day worshipping God is better than a good day not hearing from Him.

I would much rather be around the people of God than go to work on a daily basis.  Do I dislike the people I work around?  Not all of them.  Well, not even most of them.  They’re some pretty good people, at the end of the day.  However, our purpose when we get together is to make the bank money.  When I am with the people of God, sitting in a church or at any church event, our purpose is a bit different.  And that is why I look forward to it.

One thing I know that we won’t be disappointed in, that the having of will far outstrip the yearning for, is when our Lord comes back in the clouds to take His bride home.  That day, being in His presence, will be the most glorious day we can imagine.  But Paul said it best when he said that there was no way we could imagine it.

Because it will be extraordinary beyond belief.

I look forward to it.


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